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What is Bouldering?
Bouldering is a form of rock climbing without the use of ropes. You climb at low heights over safety mats to protect your landing. Bouldering is fun, social, athletic and super easy to get into.
We offer 300m² of climbing surface and our walls are 4.5 metres high. We have a range of different ‘problems’ for climbers to solve, across all difficulty levels. Whether you’re a first timer or an accomplished climber, we have something for you!
Kids & Groups
We love kids and kids of all ages are welcome at the gym, however kids need to be 8 or over to climb. Kids must be supervised by an adult at all times with a ratio of 1 adult per 4 children.
Groups and birthday parties are welcome, however, if a party consists of more than 4 children, we ask that the adult supervision rule is observed. See pricing page for group pricing.
What you need
01. Yourself in comfy clothes
Wear loose, comfy clothes you'd wear to any other gym or a yoga class
02. Climbing Shoes
Climbing shoes are required when climbing, we supply climbing shoes, included in entry prices
First timers must complete and sign this liability waiver. This can be completed at the gym, but save time by completing online. If your child is attending the gym with an adult that is not you, you can complete this waiver at any time before your child arrives at the gym. 

Safety is important to us at Archer Boulders, this safety video can be viewed prior to your entry to the gym. It shows newcomers to bouldering the best practice in climbing and landing. 

Please only attend the gym to climb if you are injury free and in good health.